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Result Baby & Me Cute Giveaway November 1, 2010

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Sebelum tu, aku kena explain dulu, hadiahnya key-chain kura-kura. Bukan fridge magnet ya.
Ok, ini resultnya.
4 penerima key-chain penyu ialah :
Ini 6 hadiah tambahan, sebab ramai yang join, macam tak sesuai pulak hadiah 4 je. hehe..Tapi, hadiahnya, key chain lain, bukan yang kura-kura tu ya.
Tahniah pada yang berjaya. Sila email alamat ke untuk hadiah ya.
Kepada yang tak berjaya, jangan risau, insha’ Allah, ada rezeki, aku buat GA lagi.

3f’s first blog contest Oktober 25, 2010

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I am joining this contest from 3f. You can check about this contest here.
This contest will need me to choose one entry from 3f’s blog and why do I like it. There was too many entries in 3f that I like an I put it under few categorization.
1) About herself
Why do I like it?
1) I never been to Penang, so this is like a guide for me, with pictures!
2) I prefer to have a guideline like this, because it will look more realistic than the guide that you usually get. This is like a testimonial while the usual guideline will only tell you where to go generally.
3) I love the pictures and the technique that she used for these pictures.
2) Her handmade
Currently, she’s starting a new range of handmade items.
Why I like it?
1) It shows her creativity side.
2) This entry is full with her new collection of bags.
3) All this handmade range are using designer fabric, everything is nice to look at.
3) Blog she likes
She wrote about this nice blog sometimes ago and I really like it.
Why I like it?
1) This entry shows a few example of what a mother could do when she is on confinement.
2) A lot of pictures of sleeping baby with cute pose, eg: baby going to the park, in a forest. However, the pictures is no longer there as there is some people who used the pictures for advertising without the blog owner’s consent.
3) It give me some ideas on what I can do for my next baby. How it can be a fun and memorable activity.
4) Current Issues
Why do I like it?
1) When I first read this, I did not heard about the news yet, so this is like a NEWS for me.
2)Although, this is a short entry, the way she’s wrote it, really touched my heart.
Again, if you all interested to join this contest, check it out here ya!

Saya Nak Beg Itu ~ Giveaway! Oktober 18, 2010

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Ada giveaway baru!
Korang nak beg? Try join GA ni.

~ Jadi follower blog Superhero Mama & MZ Collections

~ Copy & paste banner ke entry & sidebar (beserta link ini)

~ Tajuk Entry : Saya Nak Beg Itu ~ Giveaway! sahaja

~ Linkkan entry anda ke entry contest ini
Tarikh tutup pada 03/11/2010 (12am)

Mama Zakwan akan pilih 3 pemenang, apa tunggu lagi?!!

Gin & Jacqie Contest Oktober 1, 2010

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    is having another exciting contest.
This time with more exciting prizes from
Gin & Jacqie.

Contest details : Here

In case you are wondering, Gin & Jacqie have a wide range of bags, bags and bags. You be spoil with all the beautiful range that they have. You can check it for details at

My husband always told me, I bough too many things because I WANT it, not because I NEED it. Now, with Gin&Jacqie, it will be a totally different thing. I NEED it and I really WANT it.

Bags that I NEED 


The ultimate laptop bag!!

WHY do I need it?

My current laptop bag is for limited use only.

You see, I can only wear it with my casual wear. Carrying it with Baju Kurung will make me look awkward. My current bag is also bulky and difficult to carry in case there is a need for travelling.

Sassy Anish comes with a 4 different variant. My favourite is,..of course, pink stripe!
My 1st reason of wanting it, wonderful colours!

Sassy Anish offers you a reasonable roomy space!
My 2nd reason of wanting it, reasonable size, and definitely not BULKY!
A lot of useful compartments! My current laptop only have 2 compartments!
My 3rd reason of wanting it, I can use it to keep a lot of important things systematicly!
Full of added value!! Sorry to say, my current laptop bag only have 1 pocket outside and can only be carry as backpack!
My 4th reason of wanting it, I can have two way of carrying it and get a lot of added value!

Bags that I NEED 


Complete with a lunch pouch!
Why do I need it?
This is what we have to bring everytime, bags and bags!
Current cloth bag is not very reliable!
Full & Heavy!!
This is how I look everytime we need to go anywhere.
I do have a back pain currently!!
The solution?? NATHALIE BABY BAG SET of course!
This can be used as MILK BAG, BABY CLOTH BAG & MY HANDBAG!
1st reason of wanting it, No more back pain! I can bring everything in a minimal amount of bags.
Large space for all items!
My 2nd reason of wanting it, designated spaces for every items. Make it organizable!!
Made by printed nylon.
My 3rd reason of wanting it, it was made by a reliable material and I can be assure it will not easily be torn!
Designated pockets for milk bottles.
My 4the reason, I can prepare the milk earlier as it will definitely stay at the pockets without falling.
 Our current bag do not allow us to do so, as it was only consist with one large compartment.

Last but not least, Easy peasy lunch pouch! Now I can easily bring any snacks for my baby!

WHY moms should get a bag from
1) We can easily choose and buy bags online just by these simple steps! Suitable for busy mom like us!
Log in/Register
Choose category and bag
Details for item will appear
Choose colour & add to cart
Check out/ Continue Shopping
2) You can buy bags to suit your hobby & lifestyle!
Craft & Sewing Basket if you love craft & sewing!

                                              Runaway Julia – If you are always on the go

3) You will always be ahead with fashion!
Mommies, with Gin & Jacqie, you will never be out of style! All the latest fashion and all the latest design for you to choose!
4) It can easily comply with you & your baby needs!
We are mommies, but we also want to look hip & cool, right? We can be both with these Baby & Me collections!

Interested? Just visit
Thanks again to MomBloggers Planet for this wonderful contest!

Are You Moist Enough? September 30, 2010

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Macam mana nak tau kulit kita LEMBAP (‘moist’) atau tak? Kena la buat test dulu..
 Aku rasa, ramai orang ada kulit macam dia atas ni kan? Kenapa? 
Sebab kulit tak cukup LEMBAPAN.
Ada satu lagi insiden kalau kulit tak cukup lembapan ni
Kalau korang cuba kawan yang kulitnya lagi lembut dan cerah dari korang, apa korang fikir?
a) Kulit lagi lembut – mesti malas nak buat kerja rumah
b) Kulit cerah – jenis asyik memerap didalam rumah dan tak tahu bergaul dengan orang luar.
Isk..isk..memandai-mandai aje fikir macam tu.
Semua tu anggapan yang salah. Sebenarnya, untuk dapatkan kulit yang lembap dan cerah, tak perlu memerap atau elakkan diri dari buat kerja rumah. 
Jawapannya ada di sini!!
Korang pernah pergi buat rawatan kulit kat mana-mana pakar kulit? 
Aku pun tak pernah..hehe
Tapi, mak aku pernah dan dia habis banyak duit untuk itu. Tapi, hasilnya..

Aku rasa, tak payah la korang susah payah berhabis duit dengan pergi berjumpa pakar kulit ni, Vaseline jauh lebih murah tetapi berkesan!
Mana yang korang pilih?
Aku mesti nak Murah & Berkesan kan!!
Ini kulit aku yang perlukan bantuan Vaseline!
Aku nak pilih yang mana satu ni????
Sejuk & Nyaman?

Kecerahan yang sihat?
Kelembapan yang berkekalan?
Nutrien protein untuk kulit?

Fabric Giveaway by Little Mama Ogos 19, 2010

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Siapa suka fabric? 
kain Fabric Giveaway by Little Mama
Mari join…
fabric giveaway big banner Fabric Giveaway by Little Mama
Dapatkan details di LittleMamaDiary
co-sponsor contest: LittleMamaLove
Contest adalah dalam bentuk lucky draw. 
Dijemput juga untuk jadi follower 
1. Follow Little Mama Diary – – Done
2. Follow Izzah Sazahly – – Done 
3. Follow Little Mama’s Love Updates – – Done

I LOVE U Ogos 12, 2010

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Ingat lagi contest ni?

Resultnya Kak Ros dah publish pagi Isnin. Maka, inilah keputusannya..

I LOVE U Contest Winners

Grand x 1

First x 1


    Second x 1

    Third x 1

    Fourth x 1

    Consolation x 5

    Hanz (tengah)@, yang kanan tu Kak Nur a.k.a transformed housewife..hehe
    Tahniah pada semua pemenang! 
    Kebetulan ada yang aku pernah bergambar dengan diaorang, saja letak..hehe. Nampak macam contest aku buat pulak. Tapi tak, sebenarnya ini penganjurnya…

    Alhamdulillah dan Terima Kasih banyak pada Kak Ros! 
    Love You!

    Details keputusan contest di sini